Interior Designer Spotlight: Kelly Whiteside

Kelly Whiteside

Meet Kelly Whiteside, an interior designer at Liberty Designs whose love for sophisticated and stylish design has brought her all the way from Hertfordshire in the UK to the beautiful Cayman Islands.

With an impressive string of experience and education, graduating from design school with first class honours, Kelly's unique design talents have allowed her the opportunity to work with big brands such as Lacoste, Joules and Clarins. 

You could say she's following in her mother's footsteps, who was a master at her own craft, or you could say she's finding her own path and influencing the interior design landscape in the Cayman Islands and the region. 

Describe your aesthetic when it comes to decorating. What styles are you drawn to personally?

As a designer I actually find it hard to design my own home. I get to see such a vast variety of interior styles that I just love, so I end up really struggling to pin down a particular design style for myself. 

What’s your top design trick?

Work with your environment and the house you're in. In the UK we lived in the countryside in a beautiful 400-year-old cottage. You just had to go with a rustic farmhouse interior for it. 

Where do you find most of your inspiration/ influence?

I love my design magazines! Elle Decor has seen me through the last 9 years, I bought my first issue when I was accepted into university. Like most people, I get transfixed by Pinterest and Instagram, this really is the best place to be inspired. I can lose hours just looking at the latest trends around the world.

Tell us about your process when it comes to designing a space for clients.

The first thing I do is sit down with the client to get an idea about what they want and need from the space and how it will be used. I then make a floor plan, measure every wall, window, ceiling height and take photos of the space as it is. Next, I like to start a Pinterest board that the client can pin anything they like to it. Whether that includes the colors in a sunset or the textures in a cushion, pinning down their style is the most important part. Once I have a full understanding of the client and their needs, I then start designing. I really believe in the flow of a room and working with client and how they use the space, this is where the space planning element comes in. I like to be there right until the end, making sure all the final touches look just how the client and I pictured it.

Favorite design trends you love?

I love the jewel tones trend of 2017 mixed with velvet. It adds an air of sophistication to any room. I'm still very much enjoying the porcelain pineapples and palm leaf accents we saw in 2016, it must be the move from the chilly UK to a beautiful Caribbean island! 

Design trends you don't like?

I like to think I get on board with all design trends, but I am a big believer in getting it right, some trends are very easy to get wrong or go out quicker than they came in.

Favorite color palette or materials to work with?

I love the color green, so this year's jewel tone trend has got me hooked on emerald green. I would pair this with a blush, brass and white for a sophisticated and a feminine feel.  

In your eyes, what makes a house a home?

The person who lives in it! The job of a designer is to design around the client and that includes their character! Whether that's family pictures, heirlooms or a favorite piece of furniture.

What do you love about the Nest collections?

I love that each collection is so versatile. The purpose of the collection is to make it easier for the client to furnish their home. That's why all collections start with the bare basics of a room, so the bedroom has a bed and two side tables. Once the client has decided on the style of bedroom they then get to personalize it with the accessories. We really tried to make each collection work with a variety of interior styles and house sizes, so it's open to everyone. 


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