5 Health Benefits of Plants in the Home

Beautifully designed by nature, plants can be an elegant accessory in your home that adds colour, vibrancy and gives your space a clean and sophisticated look. As well as the aesthetic benefits, adding a touch of greenery inside can actually improve your health. Read on to discover an array of amazing health benefits from simply being surrounded by plants. 

Increasing oxygen in your home

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, which is great for our bodies and minds! Fresh levels of oxygen keep you happy and healthy. Plants such as Orchids and Gerbera Daisies are particularly good for keeping oxygen levels flowing in your home day and night, and they produce stunning flowers.



Improving air quality

Plants are nature’s first air purifier. Like a sponge, they soak up and naturally remove toxins in the air, by trapping them in their own tissue and releasing them safely. Some findings suggest they can filter airborne microbes which is useful if you have dust allergies. The Peace Lily and English Ivy are especially good for reducing the effects of cigarette smoke in your home.

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Creating a sense of well-being

More recently, a body of scientific research has shown that having plants in buildings and offices can reduce levels of stress and sickness, and bring a sense of ease and well-being. Some research from a large NASA programme has even linked plants to higher levels of productivity and creativity, so be sure to bring house plants into areas of your home where you work and create. 

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Boosting mood and healing

The presence of indoor plants has been shown to increase positive feelings and people prefer to occupy a room that contains plants. The act of caring for a plant, watering and touching them can increase feelings of compassion and calm. 

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Plants are powerful medicine

Aloe Vera is well known for an array of ailments including dry skin and burns. Chamomile can be taken as tea to calm the nervous system and soothe an upset stomach. Arnica can help to heal bruises and Calendula can heal wounds. So why not have these fresh plants readily available in your home to help you and your family when you need?!



As well as all these remarkable properties, in terms of interior design, plants can add another creative layer to work with when arranging your space, as well as being beautiful accessories. They can be used to add character, a modern texture and depth to a room, so try it out for yourselves and welcome a living piece of nature into your home.

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