Culture in Cayman

With more than 100 different nationalities present on the islands, there's a fascinating mixture of traditions and customs. One of the biggest draws for expats and visitors is Cayman's low crime rate - one of the lowest in the Caribbean. Once you spend some time on the island you'll experience what Caymanians call, 'Caymankind'. Rated by Forbes as one of the friendliest countries in the world, Caymanians are welcoming, open and kind.

English is the official language with Jamaican patois and Spanish being spoken among some residents.

Cayman has a rich history and heritage, with traditions such as rope thatching & building catboats, which you can still see today. 


Christianity is the primary religion in Cayman with the denominations of Catholicism, Anglican, Baptist, and Presbyterian represented on the island.

Sundays in Cayman are known as the day for church and spending time with family, therefore most businesses are closed throughout the day.

Bars and clubs also close at midnight on a Saturday to honour this tradition.