Little Cayman



Little Cayman is one of the Caribbean's most well known spots for diving and fishing. Home to the Bloody Bay Wall, one of the world's most famous underwater sites, this tiny island is frequented by experienced divers from all corners of the globe. But unless you are a resident of the Cayman Islands, a very well travelled adventurer, or of course a seasoned diver, you probably are unaware that Little Cayman has more to offer than just world class diving. A quick overnight trip to this gorgeous Caribbean beauty is simply not enough to experience all of it and here's a quick overview.

Things To Do

  • Diving Bloody Bay Wall & Jackson's Bight
  • Take some snaps and go snorkelling at Point of Sand
  • Kayak over to Owen Island
  • Rent a scooter and explore the island
  • See the Rock Iguanas at the National Museum
  • Have dinner and a sundowner at McCoys Bar

Why Go?

Little Cayman is one of the most peaceful places on the planet. An island, so different from its sister isle, Grand Cayman, this tiny island, home to around 200 people is an untouched, bare-foot, tropical paradise. Go for the incredible diving, to spend the day on an even tinier private island or to simply just getaway from it all and truly feel at peace.


  • Rent a scooter from Mike Jackson at Island Man Scooters
  • Head over to Southern Cross Club & rent a kayak to get over to Owen Island
  • Watch the sun set at the Lighthouse or from the National Trust office 
  • Rent a villa from Cayman Villas or stay at the resort, Southern Cross Club
  • Stores are closed on a Sunday so if you're staying at a villa make sure you're fully stocked with food
  • Bring an underwater camera