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Cost of living

Voted the most expensive place in the world to live in 2015, the cost of living in Cayman is something to really consider before you move.

Your cost of living will depend on your lifestyle, which district you choose to live in, your entertainment choices etc.

Accommodation costs

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most expensive areas to live in, whereas the more 'suburban' areas like Bodden Town, West Bay and Prospect you'll get more space for what you pay.

Typically a lot of expats like to be near Seven Mile Beach and may start off sharing accommodation with others. Rent for a one bedroom apartment can start at around CI$900. lists properties for rent and for sale., the professional network for real estate agents also has a large number of properties on its website.

Utility Bills

Utilities for 1 month (heating, electricity, gas ...) for 2 people in an average size flat costs about CI$380.

Food & Drink

Food & drink can be expensive in Cayman, depending on where you shop for groceries and choose to eat out.

According to Expatistan,  food can cost anything from CI$8 for fast food to around $14 for lunch.

An evening meal for two with wine will costs you around CI$100+.