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Cayman Living Guide is an online resource and tv show for people who live in, or are thinking of moving to the Cayman Islands. We focus on the lifestyle and real-life stories of people who are living on the island who can share their experiences of island life and what it's like getting settled in Cayman.

The TV show will air every day on Logic channel 36 ( from Nov 1), in prime time at 6pm after the popular 'This is Cayman' tourism show, which plays on a loop to an international audience. Shown in more than 10,000 homes and the hotels and condos in Cayman, seen by a vast international and local audience with a vested interest in Cayman. The show follows  people who have moved to Cayman, and how they managed to adjust to the challenges of finding a home, a job, new friends, and becoming assimilated into a new environment.

Cayman Living Guide’s stylish lifestyle website and social media platforms are a reflection of what it is really like to be a resident here, with helpful tips, advice and video-based information. 

In a world where 73% of people are online constantly and with 350 million people logging into Facebook everyday - in addition to being on-air, CLG has an active and engaging audience online, on email and social media. If you're looking to promote your business to residents in Cayman, with Cayman Living Guide, you're in the right place.

Launched in July 2016, CLG's first lifestyle article reached 40,000 people in on social media alone and brought almost 10,000 people to the website on day one. Get involved in the newest, fastest-growing, exciting, engaging and future-ready media in the Cayman Islands and get in touch.


Our Audience

Cayman Islands, US, Canada, Europe


45% Male 

55% Female

Interested in home, design, home improvement, garden & landscaping, lifestyle, food & drink and real estate.

TV audience = 150k-300k+ - (visitors)

We are your direct link to individuals who are looking to set up a home in the Cayman Islands, or improve their current lifestyle and home. We use innovative, new media, video, online and social media to get your brand out there to hundreds of thousands of visitors to the island, residents and people with a vested interest in Cayman.

Get your business on TV, online and all over social media with CLG.


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